mycrimsonwings: Hello!!! Hope you can help with my questions!! What if I think I'm cursed, how will I know and what can I do to change that? Since I'm not having a bathtub but a shower can I still do the "spell baths"? Why my green aventurine acts the exactly opposite that it must? Thanks... <3


hello there. people who’ve been cursed tend to notice something is off. usually, you feel it in your gut. unusual bad luck, financial crisis and/or sudden health issues (or malaise) are sometimes indicators. some people dream about it, some see omens, some are warned in some way. it’s up to you to use discernment to determine this. trust your instincts and your intuition. if you’re worried, here are some suggestions:

yes, you can still do bath spells in a shower. fill a large bowl or bucket with water and add whatever herbal blend a spell calls for, then pour it over yourself in the shower. you can also tie an herbal sachet to the shower head, so the water runs through it and onto you. see my spells index for cleansing/purification and protection spells. I also suggest cleansing yourself and your home (I prefer smoke cleansing, here’s how I do it).

your green aventurine stone may not click with you. not all people react the same way to stones — I have a friend who doesn’t like the energy of that stone, too. have you cleansed the stone? check out Taking Care of Your Crystals and How to Use Healing Crystals.